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Let’s make this last forever – Mitchel Musso



Do you ever get that feeling? You know, that feeling when something crawls on a particular part of you. Somehow slimy?





I’ve experienced both, and yes, now I tend to be sensitive when I hear or feel like if something wants to… do bad things to me (NO, ITS NOT WHAT YOU THINK).

#1 Let The Right One In: The first time happened when I was still in junior high. Every school still has that custom, every morning students are lined up outside their classes and pray (doa pagi). So, I was in a position where I can lean on a wall or post, something like that. After the morning prayer, we went back to our classes. Sometime after that, I felt something moving on my head, but when I touched my head I felt nothing. It moved again… thats when I suspect it was INSIDE my veil. So, calmly (although hysterical inside), I excused myself to the restroom to find out. I put off my veil and shook it (like when you want to get rid off dust) and from that veil, a gecko (I’m not sure what it is called in English, but here we call it “cicak”). I automatically dust my veil again to make sure it didn’t get inside again. In the afternoon when I got home, I immediately showered. And shampooed my hair.

#2 Rapist: I was bathing at home and normally everyone bathes naked, right? So, as I said, I was bathing. My mind was cool, I felt cool (literally), and I was about to finish when suddenly I felt something crawl on my neck. I went ballistic and tried to pry off whatever-the-hell it was.

It was a *BEEP*ing cockroach.

In the end, I took a bath once again. I felt dirty, like dirty dirty when you get raped.

#3 A Cloudy Chance of Geckos: I was waiting for the yellow bus to arrive at the M(asjid)UI bus stop. I sat down on the bench, alone (as in no company for me, but there was a couple of people with me). Minutes passed and I felt something dropped to my hand. It was a baby “cicak” and I automatically fling-ed my hand away. Since then I always look at the ceiling before I sit somewhere that has a roof.

#4 Nightmare: This time, the victim was both me and my little sis. We were sleeping, my sis on the lower mattress and I was on the top. I didn’t know how it began, but suddenly I felt something itchy and crawly on my neck, it was a reflex and somehow I throw it below which I thought it was the floor. Nope, it was my sister. She didn’t move or anything, but I saw it crawling underneath her blanket and that’s when my sis suddenly got up and shook herself and got hysterical. It was four in the morning and we decided not to sleep again and get showered.

#5 Revenge: I guess they wanted revenge. So I was bathing (at that time in the dorm). I was getting ready to soap myself when suddenly I felt something on my foot. It’s that *BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP* roach again. I automatically kicked it away into any direction, bathe myself once again, and can’t sleep at night thanks to that roach who suddenly disappeared and never got killed.

and thanks to those experiences, now I’m so sensitive when I feel that something tickles me or I hear rustling of some sort. *sigh* I feel traumatic.

So guys, what are your creepy crawlers stories?

Intermezzo : Forever Alone

Well, not really.

Recently, I’ve been left by my parents cause they’re on hajj, they’ll be back on mid-November. I still have my sister with me and we’re staying in a dorm *sigh* cause we’re too lazy to go home and back with all those mother-of-God traffics. But yesterday she went home, so I guess its just me who’s tired of the streets of Jakarta-Depok.

And the worst thing is that the connection at dorm is… not as satisfying as I thought it would be since it is part of UI and I think it should have the hotspot facility, but… damn. The one grateful thing is I still have access though not as fast as I want it to be.

The bright side? I can hang out more with my friends, same goes to my sis. Well, I don’t want to spend too many times, but I just want to pay for every hang outs I missed.

The point is I hope November will pass quickly so my life will be normal again as in like before they went for hajj and even though I won’t have those intense hang outs again, I feel better caged in by my parents. I feel loved. LOL. No, its just because I can be spoiled actually. Yes, I like being spoiled. Problem?

Anyway, cause in a week or so we’re having Idul Adha, Happy Idul Adha for those who celebrate it. Don’t get to comfortable with those mouth-watering meals if they happen to appear in front of you 😀

See you guys soon!


This. Is. Madness. – Victim of College (Maybe)

Assalamu’alaikum! xD

This post seems serious, does it? The title just makes college a very bad thing. Well, it does. Sometimes. If you don’t do what you’re supposed to do (procrastinating). I need to stop this sickness, it’s killing me slowly. There’s proof. So many of it.

  • Numerical Analysis : it’s been 2 projects since I took this course. One thing that you must remember. NEVER. PROCRASTINATE. Or you could be the victim (or maybe your friend). Leaving campus at midnight. That’s the outcome if you start your homework only like the day before, or two days before… or even three days before. I know for those who are the ancestors of fasilkom would think that this is usual for us. So normal that we shouldn’t complain -.- But this is our first time ever as a student. It’s okay to complain, right? It’s okay to express your feelings, right?
  • PPL : even just mentioning this certain subject makes me wanna barf. The documents! GOD! Please save us! Not to mention if you procrastinate. Spending your whole day typing documents for software engineering is not pretty and I’m sure that my eyes has taken it’s effect. I hope I won’t go blind >.>
  • Compiler : well, it supposed to be an enjoying course. It is actually! But it seems that the devil in me works better in his spell, the reason? I made my group “deadlining” our projects. Thanks to me, we have to spend a whole day to finish it. My eyes… MY EYES!!!! I’m sure they’re going to kill me if they’re human. I made them as a slave to push them working, staring at the computer for hours. I should go to jail (or sentenced to death) for bringing up slavery again. T^T


This is a very different day. My group has just submitted tekkom’s second project before 6 in the evening which is way before the deadline (midnight) and I think we’re one of the top 2 groups who successfully submitted the report! YAY! xD

I hope I can be more aware of my time management. I hope I can be diligent like before. I hope I can defeat the devil inside me. I hope I can make my PPL group like the good me so that they can be diligent too and not delaying their tasks so that I can make benefit from it for I am the PM and I must control and watch their work :p

I hope I’m not going to be one of those victims of college. Depressed. Stressed. Hysterical student.


I’m going to change (too late). But it’s better to be late than never, right? 😉

This. Is. Madness. – Intro

Assalamu’alaikum 😀

Oh, WOW! I updated! *screams in joy* >>Okay, let’s just skip the blabbering part.

As you can see (hear? read? whatever verb you are comfortable with), I am experiencing one “heaven” of a semester. May I show you why? First, the courses I took was… weirdly challenging. Let’s take a peep :

  1. Persamaan Diferensial or Differential Equation (3 credits) : The title says it all. It’s about getting to know the beautiful world of mathematics especially differential equation. The lecturer itself is quite promising (diverts attention to KoMas), and it feels like I’m having a private tutoring since it only consists of 4 “genius” students (me, one of the gods, the physics boy, and a 2009 brownies-if you know what I mean *wiggles brows*)
  2. Teknik Kompilator – Compiler (4 credits) : Let’s just say that I’m destinied to take this course cause maybe.. MAYBE, I’m one of the next generation who will contribute to teach this subject at Fasilkom. Period.
  3. CIS or Cryptography and Information Security (4 credits) : Taking this course is like a must (a need) for all CS students especially when “he” is the lecturer. So far, it’s quite interesting. Quite? Yes, because my attention is drawn to other courses, sadly.
  4. Anum or Numerical Analysis (3 credits): yes, it’s a must-be-taken course. No comment -.-
  5. PPL or Proyek Perangkat Lunak or Software Engineering-Realization (6 CREDITS!): well, not quite. It’s rather a simulation really. One semester. One project. Three students. No failure (okay, I just exaggerated on that one). This particular subject is the one who successfully stole all of my attention. More likely, I have to draw more of my attention to it since I’m the Project Manager (love the role, it gives me like an authoritive vibe~) xD

What? It doesn’t sound stressful enough? I’m exaggerating? I’m not skillful enough to manage my time? (true on that one).

Just wait and see on my next post.

Ayazizah, signing off.

New Semester, New Appearance

Assalamu’alaikum 😀

Yes. My blog has a new appearance. Yes. The previous semester had  me going busy that’s why I haven’t had the chance to update until now. And for the To Homeland and Back series? Maybe I’ll continue it…. or not 😀

The change for the next posts? I’ll try to write it in English so I can be familiar with that certain language (and hopely will score nicely on KoMas. lol). That’s it for now, Aruni, signing off!


To Homeland and Back: Day One

Assalamu’alaikum.. 😀

Sudah berapa lama ya sejak gw buka blog ini? Lama banget =.=”. Ternyata semester 3 kemarin cukup menyita perhatian gw thanks to SDA and PPW. Terus, kabar gw di liburan kemarin? Yah, cukup menyenangkanlah terutama setelah mendapat kabar yang memperbolehkan gw dan nyokap untuk libur sejenak, balik ke kampung halaman :D. Hehee. Memang jadi sesuatu yang mulai terbiasa di mana acara yang direncanakan jauh-jauh hari batal mendadak dan acara yang dipikirkan mendadak tidak batal dan terlaksana dengan sempurna. Itulah yang terjadi di liburan semester kemarin. Tiba-tiba nyokap teringat ada jatah pesawat gratis yang bisa diambil. Setelah confirm dengan saudara nyokap, akhirnya gw dan nyokap (berdua aja loh) memutuskan untuk pergi ke Riau dan pulkam sekitar 10 hari, baliknya mepet-mepet pas masuk kuliah XD. FYI, gw seneng banget dengan rencana ini karena terakhir gw pulkam itu pas gw berumur 2 tahun, nggak lebih. Setelah itu, gw atau anggota keluarga lainnya pasti nggak bisa karena satu dua hal lainnya.

Oiya, kalian pasti nanya-nanya, kok cuman berdua ama nyokap? Bukannya harus “ditemenin” ya? Emang sih bokap nggak bisa (karena kerjaan) plus adek gw juga sudah masuk sekolah, jadi pas ngerencanain agak ragu. Tapi, mengingat kakak nyokap gw ada yang tinggal di Duri, Riau dan bersedia untuk menampung kami yang homeless di sana, akhirnya dibolehin deh ama bokap.

Jadi, sebenarnya ke mana aja sih gw? Plan for Day one: Depart from Halim, arrive at Duri, rest at uncle’s home. Yes, cuman itu aja :)). Abis mau gimana lagi? Walaupun perjalanannya cuman 2 jam max di pesawat tapi hari pertama dipake buat mengisi energi untuk keesokan harinya *halah*.

Inti hari pertama: Berangkat ke airport Halim sehabis shalat subuh pake taksi. Supir taksi yang kami dapat dari *beep* ngeselin banget. Udah nggak begitu ramah, nggak ngasih uang kembalian lagi (uang masuk airportnya itu klo nggak salah sekitar 2-3 ribu dan nyokap ngasih 5 ribu). Trus nyampe di airport harus nunggu pintu masuknya buka padahal biasanya jam 5 udah buka (kami nyampe jam 5 lewat). Pas sampe di tempat check in, yang ngejaga mbak-mbak jutek. Rasanya pengen gw lempar jauh-jauh tuh orang. Baru bisa menenangkan diri di tempat nunggu boarding. Bener-bener hari pertama yang nggak banget -______________-. Lalu, terjadilah perjalanan yang cukup bikin gw ngantuk di pesawat. Mendarat di Dumai, dapet bis yang nganter ke Duri trus baru dijemput sama kakak nyokap di sana. Sesampainya di rumah om, langsung tepar dan nonton tivi sepuasnya karena ada cabel. Huahahahhaa.

Apa? Membosankan? Memang begitulah nasib gw untuk hari pertama. Tapi gw seneng banget, udah lama nggak ketemu sama om gw yang satu itu :D.

Hari keduanya? Ntar aja deh gw ceritain di post berikutnya.. XD